Other than my family, I have had two passions in my life.  One was teaching and the other was writing.  I was an elementary teacher for 23 years.  I loved it!  Bonding with my students was one of the best feelings ever!  It was such a joy to share read alouds with them.  But it was even more fun talking about books during reading groups. I was always amazed when they brought up viewpoints and ideas about what we were reading that I never even thought about.
     Deciding to retire from teaching was a tough one.  But in doing that, I was able to pursue my second passion:  writing.  I started off by taking a beginning writing course online.  That course ignited my desire to write.  I have currently written several picture books that I am tweaking in order to get them into shape to send off to prospective publishers.  I hope to see them in print someday. 

My family at Disney World!